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This means we are not automatically liable for just any loss, only for losses that result from our own negligence, only to the extent we caused a loss, and reduced by your contribution to any loss. Transactions: You will get a receipt at the time you make an ATM withdrawal or POS transaction.

Account, or if the Depositor fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions hereof.

All About Your Accounts Escheatment means that if your account is considered abandoned, the funds in the account are sent to the State of your last known residence.

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    Bank lets you choose which eligible accounts are linked to your checking account for Overdraft Protection, and the order in which those accounts are accessed to transfer funds to your checking account. If you exceed your Limited Transaction limit, we may assess you an Excess Transaction Fee for each Limited Transaction over the limit. Check or Money Order, the Bank may, in its sole discretion, elect not to honor such instrument.

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        If the information you give us is not correct or if you do not give us other reasonable information requested about the check, we will not be responsible if we are not able to affect the stop payment. We may act on, and you agree to be bound by, the electronic notice of return just as if the original check or item had been returned. We have the right to endorse on your behalf any check which you have delivered to us for deposit or which we allowed you to cash. OUR LIABILITY Liability for Failure to Make Transfers. To learn more, ask us for a www.

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    We may also assess and debit from your deposit account any applicable fees set forth in the Rates and Fees Schedule that may be assessed as a result of the Dispute in accordance with Applicable Law. Vehiclepetition for the balances reflected as though we endorse on notarial practice the affidavit of loss passbook pdf for goods and! AFFIANT FURTHER SAYETH NAUGHT.

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      Treat it as youwould cash or credit cards, and notify usimmediately if it is lost or stolen.

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      You may direct the Bank to make payments out of your checking account by writing a check in the form prescribed by the Bank.

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